The King of the Jungle

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For kids!  For Adults!  For 2 to 21 players!


This incredibly fun game of deception, distraction, and deduction is easy to learn and super fun to play! It is great for the mind, terribly suspenseful, will have everybody on the edge of their seats - laughing, interacting, and trying to figure everything out. Perfect for kids, adults, serious gamers, small groups, large groups, social functions, game nights, family get name it!!! THIS is the game you are looking for!


A gist of how the game is played: Each player is dealt one of the 21 different Animal Cards. During the game, players take turns either trying to figure out which player has which animal (by asking players "yes" or "no" questions - which most players (man and snake excluded) must answer truthfully) or attacking another player's animal. When an attack occurs, the stronger animal (and the player with that animal) stays in the game and the weaker animal (and the player with that animal) is out of the game. Play continues until only one animal/player remains at which time that player/animal proudly proclaims themselves "King of the Jungle."


Now, while nearly every animal (the Man is a bit different) has a "usual" strength (noted at the top of each animal card) ranging from the lowly mosquito (1) to the mighty lion (20), the game is played in "days." Days come with conditions (i.e., flood, drought, darkness) that can change the strength of some of the animals. Accordingly, no animal is always the strongest or the weakest every day in the jungle. Days change after every player has had a turn during a day or after an attack occurs.


To add an additional layer of strategy, play with Advantage Cards (included)! These give some animals an extra edge such as allowing them to run away from an attack or increasing their strength by sneak attacking an animal or allowing other animals to join in an attack. Also, download the King of the Jungle Game Companion App and play with the reincarnation rule which allows a player to reincarnate into another animal if the player can successfully answer three trivia questions about his/her animal.


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The King of the Jungle Companion App!!!

The app enhances your game experience with detailed animal information, rule variations such as the reincarnation rule, and challenging trivia.

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