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In 2013, OMGames, LLC was formed in Madison, Wisconsin, by John Mueller and Patrick Ohm. Their mission was to create unique party games that are easy to learn, fun to play, contain a strong strategic element, and keep people interacting. The King of the Jungle Game is the first to reach the market.


In late 2014, a very limited number were produced. The game got raving reviews from those who played and did well on the local store shelves of Pegasus Games in Madison, Wisconsin. During the next year and a half, the game was played thousands of times and tweaked slightly. A kickstarter campaign was launched in August 2016 to help fund a second more massive production run. In September 2016, this campaign was successful and the game was sent to the production line.


The first shipment arrived in December 2016, just before the holidays. In February 2017, the remaining games arrived. John is now hustling around the country making sure this extremely fun party game is in a store near you.


OMGames LLC continues to focus on developing other party games, and if you have any questions for John or Patrick, please do not hesitate to send us an email.



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