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King of the Jungle Card Game Rules
King of the Jungle Rules.pdf
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Some FAQ pertaining to rules:


1.  Turns rotate clockwise.


2. Players (including Snake and Man) cannot lie when resolving an attack. If your animal is weaker on that day, it loses. 


3. All players can lie to their heart's content when they are not directly being asked a question by another player during that player's turn.


4. If the Man is drawn during an Animal Assist, so long as it is not Darkness, the Man's side wins. If the day is Darkness, the Man is worth zero and the attack is resolved as though there is no assistance.


5. If a Run Away card is played, the player seeing the attacking animal(s) does not have to keep silent about the identity of that animal. While no player can show anybody an attacking animal card, the player can tell other players what animal attacked. Of course, the player can lie about what animal attacked (so long as the player is not being directly asked that question on another player's turn).


6. If Man attacks on a Beautiful Day, and the attacked plays a "Change Event" Advantage Card, and the New Event is Darkness, Man loses.

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