Sample Questions

Here is a list of some suggested questions to ask another player during the game. Make sure your questions are clear and unambiguous so another player cannot loosely interpret your question and give a "yes" or "no" answer that is not technically incorrect.  


To find the answer to many of these questions and see where the animals in the game fall, click on the link Animal Categories or access it under "Animal Facts" from the menu bar on this webpage.

Is your Animal a Mammal?


Is your Animal a Reptile?


On a Beautiful Day, is your animal more powerful than 10?


Do you have a Run Away or Animal Assist Advantage Card?


Does your Animal have more than 99 species?


Has your type of Animal existed on Earth for less than 61 Million years?


Can your animal be found in the wild in Australia?


Currently, do more than 275,000 of your Animal freely roam 

the Earth?


Is your Animal Cold Blooded?


On average, does your Animal live for less than 30 years?


Can your Animal reach a length or height of at least 8 feet?


Is the average height of your Animal less than 3 feet?


Is the average weight of your Animal more than 300 pounds?


Has your Animal ever been known to reach a weight of more than 400 pounds?


Is your Animal an Omnivore?


Does your Animal eat plants?


Is your Animal most active at night?


Can your Animal move faster than 30 mph?


Does your Animal climb trees?


Can your Animal swim?


Does your Animal spend a lot of time in water?


When your animal has babies, does it usually have more than 2?


Does the gestation period for your Animal sometimes last more than 130 days?


Does your Animal usually slepp more than 13 hours a day?


Is your Animal known to hibernate?


Is your Animal, on average, responsible for more than 90 human deaths per year?













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