Elephant Trivia




1. Elephants really do have a good memory.


2. Elephants love to eat peanuts.


3. Elephants cannot run.


4. An Elephant’s tusks contain nerves all the way to the tip.


5. Most of the food eaten by an Elephant goes undigested.



Multiple Choice


6. Approximately how many inches does an Elephant’s tusks grow per year:

                a. 1.5     b. 3         c. 5         d. 7


7. Elephants have a natural fear of which animal:

                a. Bee   b. Bird   c. Mouse             d. Snake


8. Approximately how many Elephants are killed in the wild each day:

                a. 15       b. 35      c. 65       d. 100


9. Which statement is true:

                a. Elephants are afraid of mice   b. Elephants are afraid of ants    c. Elephants like peanuts              d. Elephants do not have chins


10. Which statement is true:

                a. Elephants cannot swim             b. An Elephant’s heart beats faster when it is lying down c. Elephants have been known to use tools               d. Female African Elephants have tusks.


Answers below:






















1. True. Elephants do have a good memory. But probably do forget sometimes.

2. False. Elephants do not like peanuts.

3. False. Running is defined as having all legs in the air at once. Elephants cannot do that.

4. True. Nerves go all the way to the tip.

5. True. That’s why dung beetles love Elephant dung…full of nutrition. Yum yum.

6. d. An Elephant’s tusks grow about 7 inches a year.

7. a. Bees, as they go into an Elephant’s trunk and that is not very enjoyable. Elephants do not mind mice.

8. d. Approximately 100 Elephants are killed each day in the wild.

9. b. Elephants are afraid of ants for the same reason they fear bees…they go in to their trunk and wreak all kinds of havoc.

10. d. Female African Elephants do not have tusks.










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