Frog Trivia



1. Frogs close their eyes when they sleep.


2. You can tell the age of a frog by looking at the rings around its bones


3. Approximately 10% of frogs live in salt water


4. Some frogs eat other frogs.


5. Frogs mold (shed their skin).



Multiple Choice


6. A frog is an Amphibian.  The word “Amphibian” means:

                a. Water and Land           b. Wet and Dry                  c. Two Lives        d. From water


7. A frog's leg is how long when compared to the rest of its body?

                a. half as long     b. same length  c. twice as long  d. three times as long


8. What physical feature differentiates Toads from Frogs.

                a. Presence of warts       b. location of eyes           c. type of skin         d. nothing


9. A "fear of frogs" is known as:

                a. Ranidaphobia                b. Entomophobia             c. Ophidiophobia              d. Amphibianphobia


10. How long does it take for a tadpole to turn into a frog.

                a. 8 hours            b. one day           c. two days         d. three days


Answers below:



















1. False. Frogs never close their eyes.

2. True. They are like trees.

3. False. No frog can live in salt water.

4. True. Some do.

5. True. Frogs shed their skin.

6. c. Amphibian means “two lives”

7. c. A frog’s leg is about twice as long as its body.

8. d. Some frogs are more similar to toads than they are to other frogs.

9. a. Ranidaphobia is the fear of frogs.

10. b. It takes a day for a tadpole to turn into a frog.



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