Giraffe Trivia



1. Giraffes eat insects.


2. Giraffes usually sleep about 6 hours a day.


3. The lighter a Giraffe’s spots, the older it is.


4. A Giraffe usually sleeps standing up.


5. Giraffes have horns.


Multiple Choice


6. Approximately how long is the tail of an adult Giraffe:

                a. 6 inches           b. 1 foot               c. 3 feet                               d. 8 feet


7. Which animal is a Giraffe’s closest living relative:

                a. Elephant         b. Hippo               c. Leopard           d. Zebra


8. What percentage of baby Giraffes make it to age 1:

                a. 10       b. 25      c. 50       d. 90


9. The word “Giraffe” comes from the Arabic word “Zarafah” which means:

                a. Fast Walker    b. Long Neck      c. Tall Walker     d. Giant Leopard


10. Which of the following is a true statement:

                a. Giraffes are not born with horns           b. Humans can hear most sounds that a Giraffe makes     c. The older a Giraffe, the more spots it has       d. A Giraffe’s neck is too short to reach the ground so it must spread its legs to drink water.


Answers below




















1. False. Giraffes only eat plants.

2. False. At most, Giraffes sleep an hour or two a day

3. False. The color of the spots have nothing to do with their age.

4. False. Giraffes usually sleep sitting on the ground.

5. True. Giraffes are born with horns.

6. d. The adult tail of a Giraffe is about 8 feet long.

7. b. The Hippo is a Giraffe's closest living relative.

8. c. About 50% of Giraffes make it to age 1.

9. a. Zarafah means fast walker

10. d. A Giraffe must spread its legs for its neck to reach the ground.









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