Gorilla Trivia



1. Gorillas cannot walk upright


2. Gorillas have individual fingerprints


3. A Gorilla’s arms are stronger than its legs.


4. A Gorilla laughs when tickled.


5. Male Gorillas usually assist the female with raising the children.



Multiple Choice


6. The word “Gorilla” allegedly comes from an African word meaning:

                a. Great Ape       b. Hairy Person                 c. Huge Monkey               d. Wild Woman


7. Approximately how many Gorillas currently live in the wild:

                a. 15,000              b. 55,000              c. 85,000               d. 105,000


8. How much does a new born Gorilla usually weigh:

                a. 5 pounds        b. 9 pounds        c. 15 pounds      d. 25 pounds


9. How does a Gorilla drink water:

                a. Licks it up with its tongue        b. Soaks hand in water and sucks it from its hair                 c. Sucks it straight from the source into its mouth   d. It doesn’t drink water


10. How many pounds of food does the average Gorilla eat per day:

                a. 10       b. 25      c. 50       d. 100



Answers below





















1. False. A Gorilla can walk upright

2. True. Gorillas have individual fingerprints just like humans.

3. True. A Gorillas arms are stronger than its legs

4. True. A Gorilla laughs when tickled.

5. False. Male Gorillas do not assist in raising the children.

6. b. "Gorilla" allegedly comes from an African word meaning "Hairy Person"

7. d. There are approximately 105,000 Gorillas in the wild

8. a. A new born Gorilla usually weighs about 5 pounds

9. b. A Gorilla drinks by sucking it off its fur on its hand

10. c. A Gorilla eats about 50 pounds of food a day









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