Hippo Trivia



1. A Hippo can sleep underwater.


2. Hippos are very territorial on land.


3. If an adult Hippo battled an adult Crocodile, who would usually win.


4. Baby Hippos are born underwater.


5. Hippos can only jump about 2 inches.



Multiple Choice


6. The name Hippopotamus comes from an Ancient Greek word meaning:

                a. Giant Pig         b. Hornless Rhino             c. Small Elephant              d. River Horse


7. Which of the following animals is the closer living relative of the Hippo:

                a. Dolphin            b. Horse               c. Pig                      d. Rhino


8. About how wide can a Hippo open its mouth:

                a. 90 degrees     b. 135 degrees  c. 180 degrees  d. 225 degrees


9. Wild Hippos can currently be found in Africa and which other continent:

                a. Asia                   b. Australia         c. North America              d. South America


10. When a Hippo yawns, it is most likely conveying that:

                a. it is tired          b. it is hungry     c. it is ready to mate       d. intruders should stay away



Answers below





















1. True. Hippos can sleep underwater and when they do, they periodically come up for air WHILE sleeping.

2. False. Hippos are only territorial in water, not on land.

3. Hippo. Adult Hippos can almost always take down adult Crocodile.

4. True. Baby Hippos are born underwater.

5. False. Hippos cannot jump at all.

6. d. Hippopotamus means River Horse.

7. a. The Dolphin is the closer living relative of the Hippo.

8. c. A Hippo can open its mouth 180 degrees.

9. d. Pablo Escobar kept Hippos at his compound as pets. After his capture, the Hippos were released into the wild.  They continue to live there and have since grown in population

10. d. A yawning Hippo says stay away.









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