Human Trivia





1. One Human is known as a “Homo Sapien,” more than one is known as “Homo Sapiens.”


2. In 2016, more Humans lived in Africa than lived in Europe and North America combined.


3. On average, Women live about 4 years longer than Men.


4. While alive, a Human’s nose, ears, and toes never stop growing.


5. A Human’s brain is more active at night than during the day.


Multiple Choice


6. Current human global population is roughly 7.6 billion. Approximately how many people have a cell phone?

                a. 750 million     b. 1.7 billion        c. 3.3 billion        d. 5.2 billion


7. Human fingernails grow fastest on which finger.

                a. Pointy              b. Middle             c. Pinky                 d. All the same speed.


8. What percentage of the human population currently lives in Asia:

                a. 50       b. 60      c. 70       d. 80


9. Human population is currently 7.6 billion. What year did it break the 1 billion mark:

                a. 1774                  b. 1804                  c. 1834                  d. 1864


10. Approximately how many different languages are currently spoken around the world:

                a. 1,400                 b. 3,200                c. 4,800                 d. 6,000



Answers below






















1. False. “Sapien” is not a word. One human is a “Human Sapiens”

2. True. In 2016, there were more humans living in Africa than Europe and North America combined.

3. False. On average, woman life expectancy is at least 7 years longer than men.

4. False. While the ears and nose never stop growing, the toes do.

5. True. A human’s brain is more active at night.

6. c. Approximately 3.3 billion people have cell phones.

7. b. Fingernails grow fastest on the middle finger

8. b. 60% of the world population is in Asia.

9. a. Human population broke the 1 billion mark in 1804

10. d. There are approximately 6,000 languages spoken worldwide


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