Iguana Trivia



1. Most Iguanas live in trees.


2. Iguanas cannot swim.


3. Iguanas do not have teeth.


4. Iguanas can detach their tails and grow a new one.


5. An Iguana stops growing at approximately age 7.


Multiple Choice


6. Iguanas have a “Parietal Eye” which is:

                a. a third eye on their head.        b. an eye that can move in directions independent from another eye.           c. a pattern on their skin that looks like an eye.           d. an eye that can see in infrared.


7. After an Iguana gives birth, approximately how long does it care for its babies:

                a. One Week      b. One Month    c. One Year         d. It doesn’t


8. Iguanas are:

                a. Herbivores (plant eaters)         b. Carnivores (animal eaters)      c. Omnivores (plant and animal eaters)


9. Iguanas are considered exotic pets and prohibited from ownership as pets in which two states:

                a. Florida and Louisiana                 b. Florida and Hawaii      c. California and Texas   d. New York and Hawaii


10. Iguanas are believed to have evolved on what continent?

                a. Africa                b. Asia                   c. Australia          d. South America



Answers Below:

















1. True. Most live in trees.

2. False. They can swim and do.

3. False. Iguanas do have teeth.

4. True. Iguanas detach their tail when attacked and eventually grow a new one.

5. False. An Iguana continues to grow its whole life.

6. a. A Parietal Eye is on top of an iguana’s head and can detect brightness which helps when predatory birds are flying overhead.

7. d. An iguana lays eggs, buries them so they stay warm, and takes off never to return. When they hatch, the babies are on their own.

8. c. Iguanas eat both plants and animals

9. d. Hawaii and New York

10. d. Iguanas are believed to have evolved in South America.









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