Leopard Trivia




1. Leopards are believed to have evolved in Asia and emigrated to Africa.


2. Leopards have a fear of porcupines.


3. A baby Leopard is born with spots.


4. Leopards are not known to eat other Leopards.


5. Leopards tend to be larger in size when they live in areas they share with Lions or Tigers.



Multiple Choice


6. Compared to other big cats (Lion, Tiger, Jaguar), which is true about the Leopard:

                a. The Leopard has shorter legs   b. The Leopard has a shorter body             c. The Leopard has a larger skull d. The Leopard runs faster.


7. The word “Leopard” comes from Greek, which believed the Leopard was a hybrid of which two animals:

                a. Lion and Panther         b. Lion and Jaguar            c. Tiger and Panther        d. Lion and Tiger


8. Leopard spots resemble the shape of a:

                a. Clover              b. Heart                c. Rose                  d. Stop Sign


9. The Leopard is the National Animal of which country:

                a. Rwanda           b. South Africa   c. Tanzania          d. Thailand


10. Leopards generally kill small prey by:

                a. Breaking their neck     b. Piercing them with their teeth              c. Strangulation                 d. Striking them with their paw



Answers below






















1. True. Leopard are believed to have gone from Asia to Africa.

2. False. In fact, Leopards eat Porcupines.

3. False. A baby leopard is not born with spots.

4. False. Some Leopards eat other Leopards.

5. False. Leopards tend to be smaller when they have to share the same food with Lions or Tigers.

6. d. Leopards run faster than the other big cats.

7. a. The Greek believed the Leopard was a hybrid of the Lion and Panther.

8. c. Leopard Spots look like a rose.

9. a. The Leopard is the National animal of Rwanda.

10. c. Leopards usually kill their prey via strangulation.

















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