Monkey Trivia




1. Monkeys have wet noses.


2. Monkeys are very patient animals.


3. Monkeys are able to swim.


4. Monkeys are known to use human hair as dental floss.


5. There are no longer any monkeys that live in the wild in Europe.



Multiple Choice


6. Monkeys are not known to eat:

                a. Banana Peels                b. Dirt                    c. Eggs                   d. Nuts


7. The following type of Monkey is not a mammal, and hence, not really a "Monkey" at all:

                a. Howler Monkey           b. Sea Monkey  c. Spider Monkey             d. Squirrel Monkey


8. Approximately how many monkeys are used in research each year:

                a. 25,000              b. 50,000              c. 100,000            d. 200,000


9. When you see a Monkey yawn, it is a sign the Monkey is:

                a. Hungry             b. Mad                  c. Scared              d. Tired


10. A group of Monkeys is NOT referred to as:

                a. an Army          b. a Mission        c. a Tribe              d. a Troop



Answers below:





















1. False. Monkeys do not have a wet nose.

2. False. Monkeys are not patient at all.

3. True. Monkeys can swim.

4. True. Monkeys have been observed using human hair as dental floss

5. False. The Barbary Monkey is the only monkey in the wild in Europe.

6. a. Monkeys like bananas, but don’t eat the peels.

7. b. The sea monkey is a crustacean and not a mammal, or species Monkey.

8. c. Approximately 100,000 Monkeys are used in research every year.

9. b. A Monkey yawning is a sign it is mad.

10. a. Monkeys are not referred to as an Army








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