Mosquito Trivia



1. Only female mosquitos bite.


2.  Mosquitoes have teeth.


3.  Mosquitoes do not drink water.


4. If you stretch your skin where and while the mosquito is biting you, the mosquito will eventually explode.


5. Mosquitoes are cold blooded.



Multiple Choice


6. Approximately how long does a male mosquito live?

                a. 2-3 days          b. 5-7 days          c. 2 weeks           d. 1 month


7. Mosquitoes are not attracted to:

                a. movement     b. breath             c. dark clothes                   d. sound


8. Mosquitoes prefer the following blood type:

                a. A                        b. B                        c. AB                      d. O


9. Approximately how fast can a mosquito fly:

                a. 1.5mph            b. 3.5mph            c. 5.5mph            d. 7.5mph


10. Mosquitoes are 5 times more active during this celestial event:

                a. Solar Eclipse   b. New Moon    c. Full Moon       d. Meteor Shower



Answers Below:













1. True. They need the blood for eggs, males don't.

2. False. No teeth, just that nasty stinger.

3. False. They do drink water.

4. True. They burst bc they cannot pull the stinger out so blood continues to pour into their stomach until...boom!

5. True. All insects are cold blooded.

6. b. Rarely a week. But females can live several weeks.

7. d Sound doesn't attract them. Heat (dark clothes absorb), movement and odor do.

8. d Yes, they prefer O.

9. a Probably slightly faster than 1.5 with a strong tailwind

10. c Maybe because it mimics dawn or dusk


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