Black Panther Trivia



1. A Black Panther in South America is actually a Jaguar.


2. If two Black Panthers mate, their offspring will be a Black Panther.


3. A Lion cannot be a Black Panther.


4. Black Panthers have spots


5. The Florida Panther is the only cat which is not part of the Big Cat family (Pantera Genus) that cannot roar.


Multiple Choice


6. Approximately how many years is it believed that Black Panthers have been on Earth.

                a. less than 100,000         b. 500,000 to 750,000     c. 2 million           d. 10 million


7. Approximately what percentage of Jaguars are also Black Panthers:

                a. 1         b. 5         c. 10       d. 20


8. Which is TRUE about the Black Panther:

                a. They spend little daytime hours in trees.             b. They sometimes live in desserts    c. They are unntelligent as far as animals go            d. They are not very territorial animals


9. Approximately how many US Colleges/Universities have teams nicknamed the “Panthers”:

                a. 15       b. 30      c. 45       d. 60


10. Which of the following is TRUE of the Black Panther:

                a. They do not like to swim          b. They rarely mate with other Black Panthers                   c. They are pregnant for 6 months      d. They only socialize during mating season



Answers below




















1. True. Black Panthers in South America are Jaguars.

2. False. Black Panthers do not necessarily have Black Panther babies

3. False. In theory, any big cat that is black is a Black Panther

4. True. Black Panthers have spots but they are hard to see.

5. False. While the Florida Panther is not a big cat, only big cats can roar.

6. a. Black Panthers have only been around about 100,000 years

7. b. Approximately 5% of Jaguars are Black Panthers

8. b. Black Panthers can be found living in desserts.

9. b. Approximately 30 US colleges and Universities have their team nicknamed the Panthers.

10. d. Black Panthers only socialize during mating season.
















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