Parrot Trivia




1. Parrots are sexually dimorphic – meaning you cannot tell if a Parrot is male or female just by looking at it.


2. Parrots are monogamous, staying with their partner for life.


3. Newborn Parrots do not have feathers.


4. Unlike most birds, a baby Parrot can usually fly within 3 days after birth.


5. Approximately 10% of Parrots nest on the ground.



Multiple Choice


6. What color are a Parrot’s eggs?

                a. Blue  b. Brown              c. Green               d. White


7. Most Parrot species can only learn approximately how many words:

                a. 5         b. 15      c. 30       d. 50


8. Parrots are genetically closest to which of the following birds:

                a. Canary             b. Eagle                c. Falcon               d. Peacock


9. The bite of a Parrot is about as strong as the bite of a:

                a. Crocodile        b. Dog                   c. Hippo                d. Human


10. What is the predominant color of a Parrot:

                a. Blue                  b. Green              c. Red                    d. Yellow



Answers below






















1. False. You cannot tell the gender just by looking.

2. True. They stay together for life.

3. True. Newborns do not have feathers.

4. False. They generally cannot fly for a couple weeks.

5. False. Parrots do not nest on the ground.

6. d. A Parrot’s eggs are white.

7. d. Most can only learn 50 words.

8. c. Parrots are closely related to the Falcon.

9. b. Parrots bite as hard as a dog.

10. b. Green is the predominant color of the Parrot.









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