Rhino Trivia




1. A baby Rhino does not open its eyes until approximately 2 weeks after it is born.


2. Rhinos have four toes on each foot.


3. Rhinos have very good eye sight.


4. If a Rhinos horn is cut off, it will grow back a new on in a few years.


5. A Rhino’s horn contains nerves all the way to the tip.



Multiple Choice


6. What country has the largest black market for Rhino horns.

                a. Czech Republic             b. Japan               c. Thailand           d. Vietnam


7. What is the skin color of a Black Rhino:

                a. Black                 b. Brown              c. Gray                  d. White


8. The worldwide Rhino population during the past 100 years has:

                a. Doubled          b. Stayed the same          c. Decreased by 50%       d. Decreased by 95%


9. How much does a newborn Rhino weigh?

                a. 10 pounds      b. 25 pounds      c. 50 pounds      d. 75 pounds


10. Assuming they weight the same, which is worth more, a bar of gold or the horn of a Rhino:

                a. Bar of Gold     b. Horn of Rhino               c. They are worth the same



Answers below






















1. False. A Baby Rhinos open their eyes soon after birth.

2. False. Rhinos have three toes on each foot.

3. False. Rhinos have terrible eye sight, which is why they keep their babies in front of them when they walk.

4. True. A Rhino will grow a new horn.

5. False. A Rhino’s horn has nerves but they don’t go up very far.

6. d. In Vietnam, there is a belief that Rhino horns have medicinal benefits.

7. c. A Black Rhino’s skin is Gray.

8. d. The Rhino population has decreased by 95% during the past 100 years.

9. d. A newborn Rhino weighs about 75 pounds.

10. c. If they weigh the same, Gold and a Rhino’s horn are worth the same amount of money.










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