Snake Trivia



1. If a snake's pupil is round, it is probably non-venomous.


2. Snakes blink about once every hour.


3. Snakes hibernate.


4. Based on the number of rings on a snake’s rattle, you can tell how many times it has shed its skin.


5. Snakes sometimes dislocate their jaw to swallow prey.


Multiple Choice


6. If you are bitten by a Black Mamba, approximately how long will you be able to survive without anti-venom:

                a. 30 minutes     b. Two hours        c. Ten hours       d. They don’t have enough venom to kill a human.


7. Each year, approximately how many people in the United States are bitten by a venomous snake?

                a. 2,000                    b. 7,500                c. 18,000                 d. 35,000


8. Of the 750 species of venomous snakes in the world, approximately how many can kill an averaged sized human with one bite:

                a. 50       b. 100    c. 250     d. 500


9. What percentage of humans have a fear of snakes:

                a. 33       b. 50      c. 67       d. 90


10. A snake can absorb (without secreting) all of an animal’s body parts except:

                a. Bones               b. Hair                   c. Eyes                  d. It absorbs it all



Answers below:






















1. True. A diamond shape pupil usually means it is venomous. Round usually means it is not.

2. False. Snakes have no eyelids and do not blink at all

3. False. Snakes do not hibernate. They brumate. Huge difference!  Look it up.

4. True. Every shed is a new rattle ring.

5. False. They have very flexible jaws but they do not dislocate them.

6. c. You only have about 10 hours to survive.

7. b. About 7,500 people are bitten by venemous snakes each year in the U.S., and very very few die from the bite.

8.  c. About 1/3 of all venomous snakes can kill a human.

9. a. About 1/3 of all humans have a fear of snakes.

10. b. A snake cannot absorb hair so it pee/poops it out.








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