Spider Trivia



1. There are poisonous spiders in Canada.


2. All spiders make webs.


3. Female spiders are usually larger than male spiders.


4. Most spiders eat their old web before spinning a new one.


5. Spiders chew their food before swallowing.



Multiple Choice


6.  What percent of indoor spiders have NEVER been outdoors.

            a. 95                b. 75                c. 50                 d. 33


7. What is the color of a spider’s blood.

            a. Dark Red      b. Light Red     c. Dark Green  d. Light Blue


8. What percent of women show symptoms of arachnophobia (fear of spiders).

            a. 90                b. 75                c. 67                 d. 50


9. Approximately how many people died from spider bites during the 20th Century.

            a. 100              b. 500              c. 1,000                        d. 5,000


10. Approximately how fast can the fastest spider run.

            a. 1mph           b. 3mph           c. 5mph                       d. 10mph



Answers Below:
















1. False. In fact, there are no poisonous spiders anywhere. Spiders are venomous. Look up the difference.

2. False. But all spiders do make silk.

3. True. Females are usually larger.

4. True. Most eat their webs.

5. False. Spiders liquify their food and then swallow it.

6. a. Almost all spiders born indoors stay indoors very and few go from outside to inside.

7. d. A spider’s blood is light blue.

8. d. Only 50% of women show symptoms.

9. a. Only about 1 per year.

10. a. Only about 1mph. Not the fastest things in the world

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