Tiger Trivia




1. Like its fur, the Tiger has striped skin.


2. Tigers purr when they are happy.


3. Some male Tigers will help with raising their young.


4. Tigers do not have stripes when they are born.


5. Tigers do not eat Pythons.


Multiple Choice


6. There are approximately 5,000 Tigers living free in the wild, approximately how many Tigers are not free but kept by people as pets:

                a. 1,000                 b. 2,500                c. 5,000                 d. 10,000


7. How long do Tiger Cubs tend to stay with their mother until they go off on their own?

                a. 6 months        b. 1 year              c. 18 months      d. 2 years


8. The word “Tiger” most likely comes from the Persian word “Tigra” meaning:

                a. Fierce               b. Orange Cat                     c. Quick                d. Sharp


9. Most of the Tigers living in the wild are found in which country:

                a. China                b. India                 c. Nepal                d. Russia


10. Approximately how many U.S. States have banned the private ownership of Tigers:



Answers below





















1. True. A tiger has striped skin.

2. False. Tigers do not purr.

3. True. Some male Tigers help with raising young.

4. False. Tigers have stripes when they are born.

5. False. Tigers do eat Pythons.

6. d. Approximately 10,000 Tigers are kept as pets.

7. d. Tiger cubs stay with their mother about 2 years.

8. d. Tigra means sharp.

9. b. Most wild tigers can be found in India.

10. b. Approximately 20 US States have banned the private ownership of tigers.








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