Zebra Trivia



1. Generally, the farther away from the equator a zebra lives, the farther apart its stripes.


2. A zebra is black with white stripes (as opposed to white with black stripes)


3. Within a few hours of birth, a baby zebra can run with the herd.


4. Zebras do not see in color, but only see in black and white.


5. Zebras sleep standing up.


Multiple Choice


6. If a Zebra’s ears are erect, this is a sign the Zebra is:

                a. Angry               b. Calm                 c. Scared              d. Tired


7. If a Zebra’s ears are pulled back, this is a sign the Zebra is:

                a. Angry                b. Calm                 c. Scared              d. Tired


8. On which part of a Zebra’s body are its stripes mostly vertical:

                a. Front Half                b. Back Half               c. Legs                 d. Nearly all of its stripes are vertical


9. This is NOT a current theory as to why Zebras have stripes:

                a. They help keep them cool        b. They confuse predators when running               c. They attract fewer flies                d. They distinguish their sex


10. The name “Zebra” is thought to have come from the Latin word “Equiferus” meaning:

                a. Crazy Horse   b. Hidden Horse                                c. Striped Horse                d. Wild Horse


Answers below






















1. True. Supporting the theory that stripes help keep a zebra cool.

2. True. The stripes on a zebra are white.

3. True. A baby can run with the herd within a few hours of birth.

4. False. It is strongly believed that zebras see in color.

5. True. Zebras sleep standing up.

6. b. Erect ears mean a Zebra is calm.

7. a. Pulled back ears mean a Zebra is angry.

8. a. Zebra’s stripes are horizontal on the back of their body.

9. d. It is not believed Zebra’s have stripes to distinguish their sex.

10. d. The name is believed to mean “Wild Horse”









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